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This is a website about Baxendales

This is a website about Baxendales. It is under development. If you are a Baxendale please visit our Guestbook and let us know your email address and where you are. We are a widespread lot.

The Logo above (on left) is of the Baxendale Fire Department located in Montana (USA). I'd like to develop a file of Baxendale photo files that we can rotate into that slot, and ultimately to include a photo album of things named Baxendale.

We know there is a Baxendale guitar, a Baxendale female actor, a Baxendale band, a Baxendale Fire Department (who'd have thought that), and much more. Of course there are legions of Baxendale lawyers and academics. And ordinary folks too.

So, we'd like to start developing some form to this space. And with your help we can do so. Of course, its all frivolous. Not really ABOUT anything, since most of us are unrelated -- that is we share a name whose history goes back to England of the 13th century -- midlands I think. So if you have history, interesting facts, photos, memorabilia, just whatever, please send it in.

You can use the Guestbook, or you can email me (and send visual files) to me at James@Baxendale.com.

By the way, I live in Portland, Oregon, in the US Pacific Northwest. Some call it God's country.  .